Scalable and Resilient Web Products. Written in Ruby, JavaScript or Scala.

Clients, products & projects

  • GlobalWebIndex is the world's largest study on the digital consumer. GlobalWebIndex provides deep insight you need to execute powerful marketing campaigns.
  • PollPass is worlds first large-scale chat based pay-wall.
  • The Databox Mobile BI platform is the closing link in the (Big) Data - to - decision making chain. Executives and managers in today's fast-paced companies need access to clear and actionable data anytime and anywhere.
  • SNAGR - The Music Artist Search engine. Now acquired and known as MusicSrch.
  • MUBI is an online cinema and social network that gives the latest news on films and awards from all around the world.
  • Fika - new and easy way to get together with friends. Pick an activity and swipe to send a Fika card to a friend (or a group).
  • The Business of Fashion (bof500) is a website providing daily updates on fashion for fashion creators, executives and entrepreneurs. w/ D.Labs
  • CitySocializer, a subscription-based social network, enables users to find like-minded members and spend time in their preferred activities. w/ D.Labs
  • TopDeejays 2.0 is the biggest organized global database of more than 30.000 DJs. TopDeejays answers the hard questions in EDM. Who will be the next superstar DJ?

Experiments & Open source

  • Univizor is open-source project, attempting to find plagiarism in ~50k Slovenian student theses.
  • socol - microservice and CLI tool for social metrics collection written in Go.
  • o7tracker is ultra high-performance click tracker designed for Google App Engine with Google Cloud Datastore / Memcache. Written in Go as PoC for Outfit7.
  • Aloo is simple way to create and share real-time analytical dashboards with others. Think of it as It's GIST for data. Aloo was build in 35 hours for RailsRumble 2014. How it works?
  • movement is set of Ruby scripts that convert GPS tracks to 3D visualization as video.
  • politiki-ner is named entity recognition system written with OpenNLP, jRuby and Grape micro-framework.

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