Scalable and Resilient Web Services. Built with love in Scala, JavaScript or Ruby.

Clients, products & projects

  • MAROPOST / Findify Enterprise-grade AI-powered solutions providing real-time Personalized Search, Smart Collections, and Recommendations – a suite proven to increase a store’s revenue by up to 30%.
  • GlobalWebIndex is the world's largest study on the digital consumer. GWI (ex GlobalWebIndex) provides deep insight you need to execute powerful marketing campaigns.
  • Pollpass is the newest way to make money online, from the comfort of home. You can take surveys on your phone or desktop with the Pollpass bot and earn gift cards and cash in your spare time.
  • The Databox Mobile BI platform is the closing link in the (Big) Data - to - decision making chain. Executives and managers in today's fast-paced companies need access to clear and actionable data anytime and anywhere.
  • SNAGR - The Music Artist Search engine. Now acquired and known as MusicSrch.
  • MUBI is an online cinema and social network that gives the latest news on films and awards from all around the world.
  • Fika - new and easy way to get together with friends. Pick an activity and swipe to send a Fika card to a friend (or a group).
  • The Business of Fashion (bof500) is a website providing daily updates on fashion for fashion creators, executives and entrepreneurs. w/ D.Labs
  • CitySocializer, a subscription-based social network, enables users to find like-minded members and spend time in their preferred activities. w/ D.Labs
  • TopDeejays 2.0 is the biggest organized global database of more than 30.000 DJs. TopDeejays answers the hard questions in EDM. Who will be the next superstar DJ?

Experiments & Open source

  • The Oracle Peak 🏔 is a research and development experimental project with the goal to build a scalable real-time WiFi monitoring platform.
  • Univizor is open-source project, attempting to find plagiarism in ~50k Slovenian student theses.
  • socol - microservice and CLI tool for social metrics collection written in Go.
  • o7tracker is ultra high-performance click tracker designed for Google App Engine with Google Cloud Datastore / Memcache. Written in Go as PoC for Outfit7.
  • Aloo is simple way to create and share real-time analytical dashboards with others. Think of it as It's GIST for data. Aloo was build in 35 hours for RailsRumble 2014. How it works?
  • movement is set of Ruby scripts that convert GPS tracks to 3D visualization as video.
  • politiki-ner is named entity recognition system written with OpenNLP, jRuby and Grape micro-framework.

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